Friday, March 27, 2009

14 - AIIMS may 2005 physiology mcqs with answers part 3

10q: there is a mutation of gene coding for the ryanodine receptors in malignant hyperthermia . which of the following statements best explains the increased heat production in malignant hyperthermia ?

a. increased muscle metabolism by excess of calcium ions
b. thermic effect of food
c. increased sympathetic discharge
d. mitochondrial thermogenesis

11q: which of the following conditions lead to tissue hypoxia without alteration of oxygen content of blood ?

a. CO poisoning
b. Meth Hb
c. Cyanide poisoning
d. Respiratory acidosis

12q: which of the following hormones is an example of peptide hormone ?

a. parathormone
b. adrenaline
c. cortisol
d. thyroxine

13q: which of the following methods is not used for measurement of body fluid volumes?

a. antipyrin for total body water
b. inulin for extracellular fluid
c. evan’s blue for plasma volume
d. I 125 albumin for blood volume

14q: which of the following is not a transportor binding protein ?

a. erythropoietin
b. ceruloplasmin
c. lactoferrin
d. transferrin

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