Friday, March 27, 2009

12 - AIIMS may 2005 physiology mcqs with answers part 1

1q: group A nerve fibers are more susceptible to ?

a. pressure
b. hypoxia
c. local anaesthetics
d. temperature

2q: in a fetus the insulin secretion begins by ?

a. 3 months
b. 5 months
c. 7 months
d. 9 months

3q: phantom limb sensations are best described by ?

a. weber Fechner law
b. power law
c. bell magendie law
d. law of projection

4q: synaptic potential can be recorded by ?

a. patch clamp technique
b. voltage clamp technique
c. microelectrode
d. EEG

5q: the ECG of 40 year old male was recorded using standard bipolar limb leads . the sum of voltages of the three standard leads was found to be 5 millivolts. This indicates ?

a. a normal heart
b. right ventricular hypertrophy
c. left ventricular hypertrophy
d. increased cardiac muscle mass

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