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8 - physiology new mcqs - part 2

11q. the parvocellular pathway from the lateral geniculate nucleus to the visual cortex carries signals for the detection of ?


  1. movement , depth and flicker
  2. color vision , shape and fine details
  3. temporal frequency
  4. luminance contrast


answer: b . color vision , shape and fine details . the fibers from the 1 and 2 layers of LGB reach the visual cortex through the magnocellular pathway and the fibers from the 3,4,5,6 layers reach the visual cortex through the parvocellular pathway .


12q. the parvocellular pathway from lateral geniculate nucleus to visual cortex is most sensitive for the stimulus of ?


  1. color contrast
  2. luminance contrast
  3. temporal frequency
  4. saccadic eye movements


answer: a . color contrast .


13q. relative color and luminosity of photoreceptive input under changing light conditions are regulated and maintained by ?


  1. muller cells
  2. amacrine cells
  3. ganglion cells
  4. retinal astrocytes


answer: b . amacrine cells .


14q. during the dark phase of the visual cycle , which form of vitamin A combines with opsin to make rhodopsin ? ( retinaldehyde = retinal )


  1. all trans retinaldehyde
  2. all trans retinol
  3. 11-cis-retinaldehyde
  4. 11-cis-retinol


answer: c . in the dark phase 11-cis-retinal combines with opsin and in the light phase 11-trans-retinal combines with opsin to form rhodopsin .

( mnemonic : in the dark I thought she was my SISTER and when the light came she was a TRANSEXUAL )


15q. visible range of electromagnetic spectrum of human eye is ?


  1. 370-740 nm
  2. 740-1140 nm
  3. 200-340 nm
  4. 200-370nm
  5. 370-770nm


answer: a . 350-600 is the actual answer .


16q. nucleus of basal ganglia ?


  1. dentate
  2. thalamus
  3. caudate
  4. red nucleus




17q. the efferent fiber bundle of the substantia nigra transmits dopamine to one of the following areas ?


  1. thalamus
  2. corpus striatum
  3. tegmentum of pons
  4. tectum of midbrain


answer: b . corpus striatum .


18q. which of the following acts as a major neurotransmitter in substantia nigra ?


  1. dopamine
  2. noradrenaline
  3. acetyl choline
  4. serotonin


answer: a . dopamine .


19q. functions of the basal ganglia include ?


  1. gross motor
  2. skilled movements
  3. emotions
  4. maintenance of equilibrium
  5. cordiantion of movements


answer: b . skilled movements . functions of the basal ganglia include planning and programming of movements, subconscious execution of learned pattern of movement and cognitive control of sequence of motor pattern .


20q. which of the following clearly states the role of basal ganglia in motor function?


  1. planning
  2. skilled function
  3. coordinate function
  4. balance
  5. coarse movements


answer: a . planning .

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