Monday, January 25, 2010

30 - Cerebellum

*Cerebellum is mainly divided into three parts :
1. Vestibulo cerebellum (Flocculonodular lobe) : Connected to Vestibular nucleus in Brainstem directly .
2. Spinocerebellum : It is divided into 2 parts :
- Medial portion : Fastigi nucleus - Brainstem (so connected indirectly)
- Lateral portion : Globase and Emboliform nuclei - Brainstem (so connected indirectly)
3. Neo-cerebellum :
- Dentate nucleus - Ventro-lateral nucleus of thalamus - Cortex .

*Vestibulo-cerebellum is the oldest part of cerebellum and is connected with maintenance of equilibrium.
*Fastigi, Globase and Emboliform nuclei are in spinocerebellum
*Dentate nucleus lies in the neocerebellum.
*Purkinje cells are the only output cells from cerebellum. They pass to the deep cerebellar nuclei and from there to the brainstem or thalamus etc. Climbing and Mossy fibers are the input fibres to the cerebellum.
*Out of the 5 types of cells seen in cerebellum, only one type is excitatory i.e. granule cells. (all others are inhibitory)

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