Sunday, June 7, 2009

25 - AIIMS MAY 2006 mcqs with answers part 2

6q: which of the following organs secrete zinc in large amounts in man ?

a. seminal vesicle
b. prostate
c. epididymis
d. vas

7q: follicular stimulating hormone receptors are present on ?

a. theca cells
b. granulosa cells
c. leydig cells
d. basement membrane of ovarian follicle

8q: the main difference between REM sleep and wakefulness is ?

a. EEG desynchronisation
b. rapid eye movements
c. decreased muscle tone
d. penile erection

9q: on electromyography , all of the following features suggest denervation except ?

a. unregulated firing of individual muscle fibers
b. small short duration polyphasic action potentials
c. presence of positive sharp waves
d. spontaneous firing of motor units

10q: cushing's triad include all except ?

a. hypertension
b. bradycardia
c. hypothermia
d. irregular respiration

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